Master Appliantologist Exam

Already working in the appliance repair field and wonder if you need any more training in the fundamentals of the trade? This exam will help you decide whether or not you could benefit from the ATBC Fundamentals course based on your existing tech mojo (or lack thereof).

We have carefully chosen these questions to be representative of what every competent professional appliantologist should be able to answer either off the top of their head or with just a little bit of figuring.  All of these topics (and more) are covered in detail in the ATBC Fundamentals course.

These questions are all selected from from the actual quizzes in the Fundamentals course and are representative of the types of subjects that Fundamentals students learn about.

Your exam results on this exam are also used to determine whether or not you qualify for Master Appliantologist status. Master Appliantologist status confers a couple of benefits both here the ATBC site and at

  1. You may skip the requirement of completing the Fundamentals training course before taking the appliance-specific training courses here at the Boot Camp (eg., Refrigerators, Front-load washers, etc.)
  2. You gain Master Appliantologist status at which gives you access to tech-only forums, service manual downloads, and much more.

Any knowledgeable professional appliance tech should be able to easily score over 90% on this exam. If you don’t score that high, use this as an opportunity to identify gaps in your skills and knowledge and consider additional training to fill them. And, take comfort in the knowledge that you have the Samurai Appliance Tech Boot Camp as a powerful resource to help you fill in those crucial knowledge gaps conveniently and discreetly!

This exam is graded instantly right here online while you wait. You’ll know your score within seconds after clicking the “Submit Answers” button at the bottom of the quiz.

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